RTL Bericht über die Superior Session

Mar 11

Review about the “outstanding event” is here online (starts at minute 19:26).

Infusion#6 Video

Dec 13

zSuP Presse

May 04

“New marketing channels
… Maybe he should think about a new marketing concept. At RuhrpottHipHop.com they have done exactly that and considered the following strategy for “Zwischen Städten Und Pyramiden” of Meller & Royal Black … ” laut.de

“Sympathic presstext” Backspin Magazine

“Man merkt, dass die beiden MCs nicht erst seit gestern rappen. Sie beherrschen das Texten und Flowen ebenso gut, wie das Verschwörungstheorien schmieden. Durch ausgefeilte Flowpassagen und lange Reimketten können sie beeindrucken.” rappers.in

Infusion#5 Presse

Nov 15

“Not only are the exhibits are especially, the venue is too: The former waiting room connects the everyday culture and creates a special big city flair – perfect for an exhibition of the street art scene.” WAZ, 13.11.12

Infusion#3 Presse

Dec 28

The ‘Trailer’ magazin wrotes as an exception to the biger mediums (like WAZ Newspaper) a half paged review of the exhibition, even with some weird mistakes.. Conclusion: “Exceptional, new, criminell – but for exposition worthy” 😉

Stw2d I-Phone App

Oct 08

It looks that this app is based on the issues I did the layout for: itunes.apple.com – by the way I have actually no money to waste for a iPhone. How ironic..

Addicted247 auf Kino.to

Sep 26

Finally after dozens of illegal (and not authorized) uploads on Youtube and several streamsites it arrived at the major website (without bonus&co footage): http://kino.to/Stream/Addicted_2nd_Video_Issue.html

Addicted247 Video on Kino.to

Chinesisches Stw2d Review

Aug 30

Worst covershoot in my opinion, but definitively toptheme: Eddie Cruz – Quality over quantity!

Einige Vitrinen

Aug 28

In television: In a report about Heimatdesign there were several vitrines (designed by me for different exhibitions) seen.

Heimatdesign Vitrines

Stickers Book

Oct 28

Biggest printed Sticker in 290 pages counting Book. Only one page before Shepard Fairey’s Obama graphic 😉