I used to say that I don’t really like ego websites, but before I loose completly the overview about my work…

I’m sure not all the projects I’m working on or have been involved in will appear here, I simply don’t have the time for that – but new missions are generally always wanted & I’m always happy to advise projects/companies 😉

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Because – as you can see – I can’t keep up with posting the entire content anywhere – you can now easily stalk me on Instagram.com/amrisu247 🙂 At least I often post something there across projects and also somewhat privately.


Little fun project… If you know me a little better, you might know that I was called the Ravehunter for a few years, for reasons 😉 Slightly modified & different concept, but not publicly.

MC Rene Flyer

First printed flyer with Illustration-Help by Midjouney-KI and of course Photoshop/Illustator…

K.I. Graphics

I think it’s worth a post – in the last few months we’ve noticed that generative graphic engines (AI is still not the right discription) are raising. Here’s a practical example: The first printed flyer I printed with an AI technic. Rasul died about 20 years ago & that’s why there are hardly any printable pictures. The image comes from an old rasterized booklet in extremely poor resolution. The AI ​​replaces individual facial elements such as hair, etc. from other images in higher resolution. The final result has been revised again with Photoshop.

Amazon Choice

Since Corona I have had to work more and more with Amazon to compensate for the loss of regular (sticker) orders. Shame on me or Jeff – but i am also proud that it actually works good & I am even “Amazon Choice” in several countries now 🙂

// By the way: If any of my locals still needs a Xmas present – hit me up:


Some of you have probably already noticed – by far my largest corona project: I bought a 300+ (Update: Now 600!) square meter private property (about 1 km from Dortmund Hbf). The working title is still a secret, but as soon as the pandemic calms down, my own “playground” will hopefully be officially opened!