Jun 24

I used to say that I don’t really like ego websites, but before I loose completly the overview about my work, this website is my answer to that uncountable asked question about what I’m doing most of my time. But notice: Not all projects are written down here! tbc… Jobs in general – just offer!

Best way to navigate is to use categories menue on the right side… >>>

Rap.Battle.Duisburg Recap

Jun 24

Little Cut-together of the battle i organised for the Ruhrgames!

MC Rene Flyer

Mar 12

First printed flyer with Illustration-Help by Midjouney-KI and of course Photoshop/Illustator…

K.I. Graphics

Dec 15

First printed flyer by me with KI-Technology/Resolution.

Sticker-Ticker.de Logo Update

Aug 01

Now an officially trademark – i did a upgrade on the logo!

Sticker-Ticker.de Logo

Amazon Choice

Dec 16

Since Corona I have had to work more and more with Amazon to compensate for the loss of regular (sticker) orders. Shame on me or Jeff – but i am also proud that it actually works good & I am even “Amazon Choice” in several countries now :)

// By the way: If any of my locals still needs a Xmas present – hit me up:


Jan 02

Some of you have probably already noticed – by far my largest corona project: I bought a 300+ (Update: Now 600!) square meter private property (about 1 km from Dortmund Hbf). The working title is still a secret, but as soon as the pandemic calms down, my own “playground” will hopefully be officially opened!

2. Auflage vom Superior Session Buch

May 15

2nd edition/printrun of my book is since 2 weeks available here & a funny trailerclip is now online:

Superior Session Buch

Mar 31

The first printrun of my first book concepted, researched, written & layouted by me, is already sold out before release this week! But will be reprinted (hopefully again in Italy) 😉
It is also the first book about Ruhrarea hip hop in generall. www.SuperiorSession.com/Buch
Superior Session Buch Cover
Superior Session Buch Seite
Superior Session Buch Seite
Superior Session Buch Seite

Anis & Zauber 2019

Nov 01

Also this year, but with less (nearly no promo/press) work of me:
www.veganer-Wintermarkt.de | Facebook.com/events/488546078366410
Anis & Zauber

Cinematic B-day Trailer!

Oct 12

Mine & of Superior Session!


Sep 25

The 10th exhibition in a central stations lost place:

10 Jahre Superior Session Flyer