Aug 26

During the time of 1999-2001 I was head of “Bombing Promotions“, a very specific small
agency, with a direct marketing customer database of more than 60.000 (not digital) contacts.
Within the HipHop sector I should own the largest local e-mail distribution list, due to my collecting for more than 15 years.

Additionally there is also a variety of flyer spreading pools for various scenes and I know the portal MySpace quite well. Whereas there is meanwhile not too much going on there, as facebook took over its place.
By the way, you can find me personal here: and respectively:

Anis & Zauber 2019

Nov 01

Also this year, but with less (nearly no promo/press) work of me: |
Anis & Zauber

Anis & Zauber Promo/Pressearbeit

Nov 28

Unbelievable how many newspaper articles & posts there were last month. It also took a few nights of extremely hard work. The tens of thousands of comments on Facebook/Instagram that could no longer be read in real time were really crazy :)

Anis & Zauber - 1Live


Anis & Zauber - Der Westen

Anis & Zauber – der vegane Wintermarkt!

Jul 31

Something different (for me & in general): |
Anis & Zauber

Rap. Battle. Bochum #2

Jun 30

Round 2!
Rap. Battle. Bochum #2

Flabbergasted IV

Mar 26

Already at 24th March 2018:

Flabbergasted Festival IV

Superior Session Flyer Nr. 20

Feb 28

Already Flyerversion nr. 20 & 100.000 printed in total! See the whole collection under:

Click to enlarge!!
Click to enlarge!

Next Flabbergasted Festival

Feb 11

at 24th March 2018:

Flabbergasted Festival

Rap. Battle. Bochum

Aug 13

New eventformat: Battle. Bochum

Flabbergasted Festival 2017

Mar 30

This year already 2 days! The whole “Hoboland” floorconcept, complete graphic handling & more done by me!
Flabbergasted Festival


Aug 30

Lakmann X Superior Session Trailer

Aug 29

Clip for next week 5. Sept. ft. Witten Untouchable in Bochum!

zSuP Presse

May 04

“New marketing channels
… Maybe he should think about a new marketing concept. At they have done exactly that and considered the following strategy for “Zwischen Städten Und Pyramiden” of Meller & Royal Black … ”

“Sympathic presstext” Backspin Magazine

“Man merkt, dass die beiden MCs nicht erst seit gestern rappen. Sie beherrschen das Texten und Flowen ebenso gut, wie das Verschwörungstheorien schmieden. Durch ausgefeilte Flowpassagen und lange Reimketten können sie beeindrucken.”