Nov 26

I’m out in Spain & offline more or less for a short week! :)

Billboard 32’ 18 Istanbul

Nov 04

Tomorrow, 5th september, at 7 pm will be some lil animations of mine build-in in a live performance & parallel live from Pottporus to the’Amber Art and Technology’ Festival in Istanbul streamed & digital overpainted/integrated. I’m excited on myself how that will be lookin 😉

Infusion watching

Oct 29

Today I was the securityguy at our actual exhibit at central station – real crazy what kind of people can be found there: Collectors, Breakers, Bums, Punks, Gabbas, Offspring-sprayers, Perverts – catched two times an old guy that touched the Czarnobyls “Eve”-tits.. By the way tomorrow & the day after tomorrow will be ya last chance to visit.


Oct 20

The lecture with Helge at the Pottporus-symposium “What’s up HipHop” is at 28th october not at the 27th.. And notice: the sub-title  “Galery vs. Street” is not given by us.


Sep 07

15-24. september! I’m only reachable for very urgend requests..

Privatführungen am 1. & 2. Sept.

Sep 01

Today & thursday for friends by the curator himself. 11-19 Uhr, Zollverein in Essen, Gebäude 44 –

Ps: Everybody who brings me a coffee gets the book of the exhibit for free!