Aug 26

In 1996 I worked at a trade show & house (music) party for the first time. Until 2001 I worked for example for the club ‘Zeit & Raum’ (time & space) in Bochum. Up until today I co-organize every once in a while the most different events, among them – apart from parties & festivals – are also a lot of exhibitions.


Jan 02

Some of you have probably already noticed – by far my largest corona project: I bought a 300+ square meter private property (about 1 km from Dortmund Hbf). The working title is still a secret, but as soon as the pandemic calms down, my own “playground” will hopefully be officially opened!

Superior Session Buch

Mar 31

The first printrun of my first book concepted, researched, written & layouted by me, is already sold out before release this week! But will be reprinted (hopefully again in Italy) 😉
It is also the first book about Ruhrarea hip hop in generall.
Superior Session Buch Cover
Superior Session Buch Seite
Superior Session Buch Seite
Superior Session Buch Seite

Anis & Zauber 2019

Nov 01

Also this year, but with less (nearly no promo/press) work of me: |
Anis & Zauber

Cinematic B-day Trailer!

Oct 12

Mine & of Superior Session!

B-Day Jam

Sep 25

My and the 10th birthday of the Superior Session we cellebrate with a huge jam next month!

10 Jahre Superior Session Flyer


Aug 17

A lil recap-video of the event in Germany that mainly I organised for Ruhr.Games:

Anis & Zauber Promo/Pressearbeit

Nov 28

Unbelievable how many newspaper articles & posts there were last month. It also took a few nights of extremely hard work. The tens of thousands of comments on Facebook/Instagram that could no longer be read in real time were really crazy :)

Anis & Zauber - 1Live


Anis & Zauber - Der Westen

Rap. Battle. Bochum #2

Jun 30

Round 2!
Rap. Battle. Bochum #2

Flabbergasted IV

Mar 26

Already at 24th March 2018:

Flabbergasted Festival IV

Superior Session Flyer Nr. 20

Feb 28

Already Flyerversion nr. 20 & 100.000 printed in total! See the whole collection under:

Click to enlarge!!
Click to enlarge!

Next Flabbergasted Festival

Feb 11

at 24th March 2018:

Flabbergasted Festival

Superior Session

Nov 01

We’re celebrating the 100th session very soon!!!