In 1996 I worked at a trade show & house (music) party for the first time. Until 2001 I worked for example for the club ‘Zeit & Raum’ (time & space) in Bochum. Up until today I co-organize every once in a while the most different events, among them – apart from parties & festivals – are also a lot of exhibitions. By the way, we are now talking about hundreds of events in which I have been involved!


Little fun project… If you know me a little better, you might know that I was called the Ravehunter for a few years, for reasons 😉 Slightly modified & different concept, but not publicly.


Some of you have probably already noticed – by far my largest corona project: I bought a 300+ (Update: Now 600!) square meter private property (about 1 km from Dortmund Hbf). The working title is still a secret, but as soon as the pandemic calms down, my own “playground” will hopefully be officially opened!

Anis & Zauber Promo/Pressearbeit

Unbelievable how many newspaper articles & posts there were last month. It also took a few nights of extremely hard work. The tens of thousands of comments on Facebook/Instagram that could no longer be read in real time were really crazy 🙂

Anis & Zauber - 1Live


Anis & Zauber - Der Westen