Exhibition stands and booths
My first big exhibition booth (about 200 square meters) was for DC Shoes Co. USA. The basic design I realized within just one week and it has been recycled over and over in the past years. In the course of time I have been involved in countless projects of the companies Magwick, later Magseven GmbH.

Shop design
Even though I never really had the chance to be also in charge of the practical realization, still some of the initial drafts of shop design concepts are mine. Such as the one for the Vans flagship store in Berlin or for  Trust Nobody in Barcelona.

Apart from numerous non-commercial exhibitions I also co-designed and -organized the “untitled” exhibition from the very beginning. For example the very first draft of the exhibition in Berlin hast been designed by me. Later the biannual exhibition moved to Barcelona and at last to Las Vegas. The 68-pages book regarding the exhibition in Paris, by the way, I completely layouted within just one day.

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