My first real paid assignment in the beginning of the 90s was the digital overwork of the Motoretta logo (Germany’s largest scooter magazine). 1996 then there was a small (Punk/ Hardcore) festival, which I co-organised and which shows fairly well my way of project work, that I do up until today: besides the name „You’re Not Alone!“ itself, I developed the logo and CI, implemented them in practical terms and co-coordinated promotion as well as all related procedures on a parallel basis.

CI & Co.
Generally I have pretty much been doing everything there is, as I took not only part in building up a couple of companies, but also was head of a small graphic design office in Bochum, Germany: Animations (e.g. Woolrich USA), banners (e.g. DC Shoes), stationary (e.g. Obey), admission tickets (e.g. Levi’s), flyer (e.g. Nike SB), presentations (e.g. Nike 6.0), business cards (e.g. Rockstar Energy Drink), websites (e.g. RuhrpottHipHop.com), showrooms and showcases, stamps, shootings, catalogues, sticky tapes and stickers, plots, product designs, textiles, tapes, CDs, DVDs, … Just wanna say: I know my way around 😉

Apart from umpteen own ads I have been converting all Nike Skateboarding Germany ads in diverse magazine sizes and formats for some years, mostly without having open files at hand. Even very large formats for billboards, such as for Hot Wheels/Mattel are part of my repertoire.

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