In 2010 for example I have been the curator of Concrete Playground, with exhibiting artists such as Martha Cooper at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen. Apart from diverse organizational activities also the exhibition’s  design and concept has been developed by me.

„It seems like “Concrete Playground” will be one of this year’s most interesting street art events in Germany. The list of participating artists sounds like urban art’s who-is-who…“ …

“Concrete Playground zeigt, dass aus dem Begriff «Streetart» noch weit mehr zu holen ist, als sich die meisten wahrscheinlich hätten vorstellen können.” “Umfassenste Ausstellung im Ruhrgebiet zum Thema Streetart” “Besonders sehenswert!”

Infusion#5 Presse

“Not only are the exhibits are especially, the venue is too: The former waiting room connects the everyday culture and creates a special big city flair – perfect for an exhibition of the street art scene.” WAZ, 13.11.12

Infusion#3 Presse

The ‘Trailer’ magazin wrotes as an exception to the biger mediums (like WAZ Newspaper) a half paged review of the exhibition, even with some weird mistakes.. Conclusion: “Exceptional, new, criminell – but for exposition worthy” 😉