Aug 26

I have always, for just about all the magazines I was graphically involved in, also written a part on my own, done interviews and composed diverse concepts in general (in German & English).

2. Auflage vom Superior Session Buch

May 15

2nd edition/printrun of my book is since 2 weeks available here & a funny trailerclip is now online:

Superior Session Buch

Mar 31

The first printrun of my first book concepted, researched, written & layouted by me, is already sold out before release this week! But will be reprinted (hopefully again in Italy) 😉
It is also the first book about Ruhrarea hip hop in generall.
Superior Session Buch Cover
Superior Session Buch Seite
Superior Session Buch Seite
Superior Session Buch Seite


Aug 11

Today is the first HipHop event 44th anniversary – that means i already wrote more than 20 years about that shit 😉

Niels “Shoe” Meulman Interview

Aug 28

In Streetwear Today issue 32 & layout (click to read whole article as pdf):

Streetwear Today – Art In Consequence Review

Aug 27

Streetwear Today – Banky’s Bristol Review

Aug 14

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